Cognition of corporate culture

Is all members of Yuda Fu generally recognized, to enjoy, is the development of Yuda rich gradually formed in the process! Is to solve all the personnel relations and the relevant decree of the answer Is Yuda Fu all members of the personal vision and the company pursued the common belief! Is Yuda Fu to build the core competitiveness of the important way is Yuda rich survival, competition, the development of the soul!

Yuda rich features:

Life: trust to understand tolerance

Work: hard and pragmatic dedication and harmony

Group corporate culture concept interpretation

1, business purpose: Yuda Fu adhere to the "customers, employees, companies and the community," the four-in-one mission, to carry out various business activities, is composed of Yuda Fu concept in the most basic starting point, but also the driving force of Yuda Fu action.

To win customers profit: that is, the customer is the ultimate source of Yuda Fu growth, only the customer has developed, customers will provide better products and a wider range of opportunities, Yuda Fu have more gains and progress!

Create opportunities for employees: Yuda is to continue to enhance the business platform for employees to increase employment opportunities, so that people have the stage to show their value for the people who have to provide growth and development of space, and ultimately build a more powerful, more competitive Yu Da Fu team!

For the company to build the future: that Yuda rich with excellent customers and team, full effort, long-term planning, pragmatic innovation, to create Yuda Fu Evergreen Foundation!

To contribute to the community: the customer, employees, the company on the basis of steady development, legitimate business, energy conservation, environmental protection, commitment to more social responsibility, return to the community!

2, business philosophy: is Yuda Fu in the past business practice consciously formed, after Yuda rich people agree with the ideal goal, the pursuit of value, will quality and action guidelines; is to guide Yuda Fu business activities and Yu Da Fu People work and life ideas, attitudes and ideas, is the soul of Yu Da Fu!

Integrity: that is honest and trustworthy. Yuda Fu adhere to the customer and the supplier of all business activities in good faith and trustworthy, the management of all employees sincere and trustworthy! All the people of Yuda to treat people with sincerity, to the letter to people, to letter Liren, heart consistent. Integrity is Yuda Fu's legislation of the factory, is every Yuda rich basic code of conduct!

Win - win: the common profit and development. Yuda Fu in the relationship with customers, suppliers and all employees in the establishment process, through different ways of multi-party cooperation so that we get common development, unswervingly establish a win-win thinking, and put into action, to build a By the customer, Yuda Fu, suppliers, with the progress of the development of the interests of the community for the purpose!

Efficient: Yuda Fu always adhere to the "pragmatic and efficient", the customer, the supplier's information attaches great importance to and rapid feedback on the internal issues related to the rapid response to the relevant departments to help solve, against the work of dragging, prevarication, Engage in "surface work" behavior!

Enthusiasm: It is the driving force behind Yuda's cause. Individuals and collectives must have the spirit of continuous improvement, improve the sense of crisis, and in the management process of active, active and optimistic face of the things, to create a unity and up the atmosphere!

3, management philosophy: management is a discipline, management is a culture, management is coordination, communication and cooperation, for the unity of thinking, improve management efficiency, Yuda rich after long practice, summed up the four management philosophy as Yuda Fu Management of the guiding ideology, into the company's overall management activities!

People-oriented: that is, Yuda to internal staff-oriented, respect for the personality, the development of human potential, reflect respect for people, care for people, care for people, cultivate people's values. Pull relations, talk about friendship, all things to personal self-interest as the starting point of the behavior are not Yuda rich people-oriented category, and Yuda Fu strongly opposed to the behavior!

Democratic decision-making: the company or the subordinate departments, the decision-making on the basis of full discussion, respect for the views of the majority of people, enhance the sense of ownership of the participants, expand information sources, reduce decision-making mistakes!

Through the implementation of the matter: that is, after discussion of the matter, once the formation of the resolution, the responsibility should be folded, layers of implementation, strict implementation, do not find any excuse to complete the goal as a criterion!

Effective incentives: that every manager has the responsibility to understand, understand their subordinates, understand their needs, stimulate their strengths, respect their suggestions, change their bad habits, to meet their normal needs, combined Promotion, salary, welfare, training and other incentives to create loyalty Yuda rich.